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     Mr. Mac Master is an honest and successful DUI defense attorney. He has more than 20 years of experience successfully defending DUI cases.  He has been referred to by his colleagues in the defense bar as the "Dean of DUI." He has compiled an extensive and unparalled record of successful results in DUI cases. 


     Mr. Mac Master has been practicing law in Honolulu since 1989. He graduated from college at the University of California at Santa Cruz and then attended law school at the Santa Clara University School of Law.


     After graduating from law school, Mr. Mac Master moved to Honolulu. He spent the next five years at a Honolulu law firm that worked almost exclusively on medical malpractice cases. At the start of his career, Mr. Mac Master gained valuable knowledge and experience representing both healthcare providers like Castle Medical Center, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc., Wahiawa General Hospital, and Saint Francis Medical Center, as well as patients injured by medical malpractice.  Mr. Mac Master still represents clients in personal injury cases. His knowledge of medicine, and medical-legal issues, is occasionally quite useful in the defense of DUI cases.


     In 1994, Mr. Mac Master opened his own law firm. Since then, the majority of his practice has been devoted to defending DUI cases. Mr. Mac Master has represented clients in DUI cases in the Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office, all of Oahu's District Court's, District Courts on Maui and the Big Island, the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, the Intermediate Court of Appeals, and the Hawaii Supreme Court. 


     Mr. Mac Master is married and the father of two sons. He fully understands, the devastating impact that a DUI conviction and/or license revocation can have on a career, and on a family. He is a hardworking, compassionate, and capable, attorney who is dedicated to producing results, not excuses.


​     Mr. Mac Master is well known and well respected in the criminal defense profession for his impressive record of trial victories and legal accomplishments.  


     In 2009, Mr. Mac Master fought a DUI case all the way to the Hawaii Supreme Court, an won it with a technical argument that the charging language the State was using in its written DUI complaints was legally defective.  The State had used the challenged charging language for years and convicted thousands of DUI defendants with it.  However, the Hawaii Supreme Court agreed with Mr. Mac Master's argument, rejected the State's and reversed the conviction of Mr. Mac Master's client.


     The decision caused chaos for the prosecution of DUI cases on Oahu and throughout the State.  Hundreds of, if not more than a thousand, DUI cases in District Courts across the State were dismissed as a result of Mr. Mac Master's creativity, legal analysis, strategic thinking and execution of tactics.  The 2009 case can be considered "the most significant DUI defense achievement within the realm of Hawaii's DUI laws during this century. "


     In 2012, Mr. Mac Master was at it again. This time Mr. Mac Master had a new and different argument that the charging language the State was using in its written DUI complaints was still legally defective.  Again, Mr. Mac Master fought the case all the way to the Hawaii Supreme Court. This time the final result was a split decision.  


    A DUI defendant can be convicted under the (a)(3) subsection of Hawaii's DUI statute based upon evidence that the defendant had more than a .08 breath alcohol concentration at the time the vehicle was being operated.  Alternatively, a DUI defendant can also be convicted under the (a)(1) subsection of Hawaii's DUI statute, if the defendant had consumed "alcohol" in an "amount sufficient to impair the person's normal mental faculties or ability to care for the person and guard against casualty."  The State uses the (a)(1) subsection to prosecute cases where the defendant refused to submit to alcohol concentration testing, or the State was otherwise not able prove an (a)(3) charge beyond a reasonable doubt.


     In the 2012 case, the Hawaii Supreme Court rejected Mr. Mac Master's arguments against the State's (a)(3) charges. However, it agreed with Mr. Mac Master's  argument that the (a)(1) charges were defective because they did not allege that the offense was committed "intentionally, knowlingly or recklessly." The 2012 case was the second time, in less than three years, that Mr. Mac Master succeeded in prompting the Hawaii Supreme Court to reject the State's (a)(1) charges for being legally defective.  


    As a direct result of the Hawaii Supreme Court's decision in the 2012 case, many DUI defendants across the entire State, who had refused to submit to alcohol concentration testing, had their DUI charges dismissed. The 2012 case also enabled in some cases, Mr. Mac Master and other attorneys with the will to fight, to whittle down the charges against their clients to only the remaining (a)(3) charge, and then to prevail at trial by blocking the State from getting its breath test result evidence into the evidentiary record at trial.


     Mr. Mac Master has a record of successful results that speaks for itself.  His creative thinking abilities, and extensive experience in both criminal cases and ADLRO proceedings, enables him to analyze the unique set of facts presented by each client's case and to devise strategies and tactics that provide the best chances for a successful outcome.


     Mr. Mac Master believes that "DUI attorneys can think like fighters ... or think like pleaders."  Mr. Mac Master is a fighter.  If you want to plead guilty, or no contest, Mr. Mac Master does not want to represent you.  Mr. Mac Master often replies to members of the military that they are trained to fight, not to surrender.     


     There are plenty of other attorneys in Honolulu who are willing, if not eager, to represent clients who want to plead guilty, or no contest.  If you are merely looking for a "good deal at sentencing" in a DUI case, and want to plead guilty, or no contest, to get it, please do not bother contacting Mr. Mac Master. Mr. Mac Master only wants to represent clients who are willing to fight their cases. 


     In some cases, it may be sensible to plead guilty, or no contest (e.g. accidents which caused serious injuries and third offenses).  However, for first offenders, Mr. Mac Master believes that it almost always best to best to plead "not guilty" and fight the case. Mr. Mac Master has fought long and hard to earn his reputation as a "fighter" instead of a pleader.  


     Mr. Mac Master likes this famous quote from Sir Winston Churchill "... we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."  Mr. Mac Master also like the lesser known quote from Sir Winston that:


 "Attitude is a little thing

that can make a big difference."  


     Mr. Mac Master's determination to fight cases has often produced successful results in cases in which other attorneys would have been giving the advice to plead guilty, or no contest. 


     Mr. Mac Master wants to help you to fight and to win your case.  Call him today at (808) 531-8080 for a free case evaluation.



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