Ignition Interlocks :

Driving Legally During

A Revocation Period 

     If you lose either your criminal case or your ADLRO case your driving privileges will be revoked for at least one year.  However, you will still be able to drive legally during the revocation period if you:

     1.  Install an ignition interlock in your vehicle; and

     2.  Obtain an Ignition Interlock Permit from the ADLRO.


     An Ignition Interlock is a breath testing device that is hooked into the ignition system of your car or truck. Before the vehicle will start, a breath sample of less than .02 must be provided.  If the sample provided is too high, the vehicle will not start. At random times while the vehicle is being operated, the driver will also be required to provide another sample (or the next time an attempt is made to start the vehicle, the vehicle will not start). 


    Smart Start, Inc. is the only authorized provider of ignition interlocks for the State of Hawaii. It rents ingition interlocks for your car or truck. Unfortunately, there is no company that will rent an ignition interlock for a motorcycle.


    It describes its SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock as follows:


 The SSI-20/30™ is the latest in ignition interlock technology from Smart Start, Inc. It was developed to make installation, use, and monitoring easier with a less-expensive and more discrete device. The SSI-20/30™ has been designed to work with our patented Photo ID module and make use of the device easier. 


Smart Start’s Photo ID module is approximately one cubic inch and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side window about halfway up from the dash. It records a picture of the user at the time of each breath test so Smart Start, and Monitoring Authorities can see who takes each test and prevents the user from tampering with the camera. After each breath test, the photo is stored along with the date, time, and location of each test to sync with the SSI-20/30™ information log. The SSI-20/30™ ignition interlock will effectively abort the test and prevent the user from starting their car if any tempering is detected from the device or the camera. 


The SSI-20/30™ goes a step further to provide GPS information to Smart Start and monitoring authorities. This enables them to see when and where each test is being taken. To make it easier for the user, the SSI-20/30™ allows for a hum-free option, meaning users only have to provide a breath sample into the device without the need to hum while providing a breath sample like other devices require, allowing for effortless breath samples. In addition, our product was designed to be more economical and discreet than our previous models. The SSI-20/30™ is not available at every Smart Start installation location and cannot be specifically requested by customers.


Features of the SSI-20/30™ include:


Easy to test

Small, discrete size

Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date and time

GPS capabilities

No hum feature

Allows entry of lockout code to temporarily extend service appointment after lockout

Easy installation and service

Programmable options including restricted driving times

Records test results, engine starts and stops, disconnections, location and tampering for review

Integrates with Photo ID camera for easy user identification


Smart Start, Inc. describes its older and less intrusive SSI-20/20 model as follows:  

The SSI-20/20™ brings a level of information and ease of installation to the ignition interlock market. Smart Start has designed the SSI-20/20™ to easily interface with any vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) system. Combined with our patented positive digital photo identification of the user, the SSI-20/20™ has been improved for easier use and installation.


The SSI-20/20™ works alongside Smart Start’s Photo ID camera module that captures a picture of the breath sample subject at the time of each test. The Photo ID module is approximately one cubic inch and is mounted on the inside of the driver’s side windshield. Each photo is stored in the unit electronically along with the date and time of each test, which syncs with the SSI-20/20™ log. The camera unit is designed to work in any lighting situation, regardless of how dark or bright it is.


The Photo ID module is one of the many tamper detection features available on the SSI-20/20™. The recorded photos allow Smart Start and Monitoring Authorities to positively identify the user of the device to see who is taking each test and prevents users from being able to cover up or disconnect the camera. When tampering is detected, the camera will send a message to the SSI-20/20™ interlock effectively aborting the test and preventing the user from starting their car.


Features of the SSI-20/20™ include:


Easy to test

Small, convenient size

Numeric keypad for easy recall of appointment date and time

Allows entry of lockout code to temporarily extend service appointment after lockout, preventing the extra cost of towing or service

Easy installation and service

Programmable options including restricted drive times

Built-in microchip records test results, engine starts and stops, disconnections and tampering for later review

Integration with Photo ID camera for easy user identification


Renting And Installing Your Interlock


To make an appointment to have an interlock installed in your vehicle:


     1.     Call Smart Start, Inc. at 




toll-free to schedule your installation appointment;

     2.     Bring your driver's license, vehicle registration, safety check                  and proof of insurance for your vehicle with you; and

     3.     Make your payment and get your ignition interlock installed. 


Smart Start, Inc. has local vendors in Hawaii at the following locations:




Aiea, HI 

Progressive Auto Sound


Honolulu, HI 

Beyond Limits LLC.


Honolulu, HI 

The Discount Store


Kailua, HI 

Car Tunes


Waipahu, HI 

American Safety & Tire




Wailuku, HI 

Certified Sounds, LLC.


Kihei, HI 

Ohana Vehicle Services LLC




Lanai City, HI 

Napa Auto Parts




Lihue, HI 

Garden Isle Auto Repair


Big Island


Kailua Kona, HI 

Westside Audio


Hilo, HI 

CD Wizard




Kaunakakai, HI 

Rawlins Chevron Service


You can also contact Smart Start, Inc. at:


Email: info@SmartStartInc.com


How Much Does It Cost To Rent

An Ignition Interlock?


     It will cost about $85 for an installation fee.  The rental fee is about $89 per month.  It will cost about $42 to remove the interlock when you no longeer need it.  If the vendor must reset it for you the reset fee is about $50.  It costs about $140 to transfer it from one vehicle to another vehicle.


The Ignition Interlock Permit:

Your Driver's License

During The Revocation Period


     After you have the ignition interlock equipment installed in your vehicle, you will still need to obtain an ignition interlock permit from the ADLRO before you can drive legally during the revocation period.


     Take the paperwork you were given when the interlock was installed along with your vehicle registration, safety check and proof of current insurance for the vehicle to the ADLRO.  If:


1.     Before your driving privileges were revoked, you had driving privileges that would have been effective during the revocation period;


2.     Your documents vehicle registration, safety check and insurance documents are sufficient; and


3.     The interlock is installed in your vehicle....


     ADLRO will issue you an ignition interlock permit that allows you to drive that one designated vehicle during your revocation period.

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